Master-Class Intensive Course - Programs

Become the best dancer you can be.
Improve and extend your skills with international Trainers.
Experience a unique chance - meet dancers from all over the world - dive in another culture.

TAKE YOUR CHANCE - Learn and get better and secure yourself a job for the summerseason 2020.

The MIC - Programs

The MIC - Programs are designed to enable young dancers from all over the world, to gain new knowledge and experience in different dancing styles, to improve their skills and to focus within masterclasses on becoming the best dancers they can be.

This Programs are unique, combining training with international trainers (former champions in versatile dancing styles, former members of Russian Ballet Ensembles, activ singers & musicaltheatre actors etc.), with individual courses (free to choose), a great chance to network (meet dancers from all over the world), to experience the cultural beauty of Austria (watch a musical, a ballet or an opera, visit museums and experience unique fun and much more). 

Also by attending an MIC-Program young dancers get the chance to get offered a full professional contract for the summerseason 2020, based on their development, their talent, passion and hard work,


MIC-Program Content

The MIC-Programs include 6 hours of training and classes per day (for 6 days) - the content of those classes are ballet technique, pas de deux & partnerwork, jazz-, musical & showdance, stretching & flexibility, acrobatic & tricks, tap, modern & contemporary, improv & choreography.

Those subjects are the strong base of a versatile and professional working dancer nowadays and are being neglected in their details in a lot of professional educations. Often those details are crucial regarding the success in auditions or concearning job offers.

The intensity of the MIC-Program allows young dancers to focus on those details and take them in, in a very fast and effective way.

Next to the fixed classes, certified trainers are offering extra courses (seperately bookable) for interested artists (f.e. singingclasses, actingclasses, selfpresentation, selfmarketing & businessknowledge and many more).
Those courses are providing the base for all dancers that want to work on a professional level and offer knowledge and information that are crucial for the business but are being held back from most of young artists.

Also the Team of the MIC-Programs offers young artists the chance to experience a new culture and mentality and provides excursions that are inspiring and motivating.
The Program members will be taken to see a ballet, opera, concert or musical in the traditional Opera of Graz or another of the many theaters in the City, will visit the Arnold-Schwarzenegger-Museum, the most famous landmark of Graz the "Schlossberg" (Castlemountain) and experience the longest indoor-slide in Europe, depending on the time of year, there will also be a visit of a Christmasmarket or a Carnival be included and many unforgettable experiences more.

The Package & Prices 

Full Package: 999,- Euro

Book until 30th of September 2019 and save 15 %!

The Full Package includes

- 6 hours of classes and training for 6 days
- accomodation (doubleroom) in Hotel or Inn "BOKAN" in Graz
- Inclusive halfboard: breakfast buffet and inclusive 3 course dinner
- inclusive excursions, entrance fees and tickets
- pick up at arrival point in Graz and Transfer to the Hotel
- pick up at the Hotel in Graz and transfer to depature point in Graz
- the MIC-Teams support 24/7
- Diploma of the MIC-Program

- Flight tickets from and to Graz (the MIC - Team will help with you with finding the best & cheapest options)
- Transportation in Graz at free times
- extra classes (per class 10,- Euro extracosts)
- Lunch

Take your chance

The MIC-Program guarantees that you will leave after this week with more knowledge and skills.
Also Connecting Arts - Entertainment Agency offers the chance for some extraordinary dancers & performers to get a professional contract over 6 month period in the summer 2020 to perform as a dancer of the unique Shows of Connecting Arts in Greece after obersvation in the program.
Prove youself in the MIC-Program and start your international career!

Dates MIC - Programs

Program A: 

25th of November 2019 - 

1st of December 2019

Arrival on the 25th of November.
Depature on the 1st of December

Program B: 

2nd of December 2019 - 

8th of December 2019

Arrival on the 1st of December
Depature on the 8th of December

Program C: 

17th of February 2020 - 

23rd of February 2020

Arrival on the 16th of February
Depature on the 23rd of February

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MasterClass Intensive Course - Program (MIC)

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